Overview of Cheetah HP577cf MX/Trail 23x8-11 Tire

  • Replacement for ATC tires.
  • Max Ground force racing tire is designed to suit the weight, horsepower and handling characteristics of the model for which each tire was designed.
  • Available in MX trail racing performance compound.
  • Designed and manufactured to deliver a new generation in high performance level.
  • High-performance rubber compound provides exceptional aggressive hook-up on hardpack, along with an aggressive tread pattern pulls strongly through soft loam, making it a number #1 choice in performance tires.
  • Lightweight construction reduces weight for unmatched traction and acceleration.
  • Low-profile 4ply construction reduces bounce and enhances high speed control.
  • Available in 4ply and 6ply.


Inflated Width/Measuring Rim Width: 8.05 in.
Inflated Diameter: 23.05 in.
Acceptable Rim Size(s): 11x6 in.
Deepest Tread Depth: 1/2 in.
Balance Dot: No
Directional Arrow: No

Capacities and Construction

Load Capacity: 325
Bias or Radial Ply: Bias
Maximum Inflation Pressure to Seat Bead: 25 Psi
Operating Pressure: 5.0 Psi recommended 5-7 Psi.
Tread Plies: 4ply or 6 ply
DOT Approved for Road Use: No, off-road only.


$89.00 USD each front tire.